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A title does not make you a leader. I don't care if you're The President, a CEO, a CTO, a team leader or just someone on the team trying to get stuff done.

Actions make you a leader. Honesty makes you a leader. Integrity makes you a leader.

Here are some things I believe a leader should and should NOT be and do. It's certainly not exhaustive, but it's a start.

A Leader should:

  • Be humble
  • Be transparent
  • Have frequent, scheduled 1:1's with people they lead
  • Address concerns from the people they lead
  • Seek feedback
  • Never ask their team to do anything they aren't willing to do themselves

A Leader should NOT:

  • Make excuses
  • Think they are above the people they lead
  • Ignore concerns from the people they lead
  • Expect others to know what they are thinking