Things I Learned (2022-0)

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In an effort to potentially help others, and as a reference for future me, I'm going to start publishing little tidbits here - things I learn each day whether it's a shortcut in some app, a more efficient way of writing some code, or maybe just some random history fact. The posts may be short, or depending on the thing I learn, may be longer.

My plan is to do this daily during the week, but I'll most likely take a break on the weekends unless I can't wait until the following week.

I do have a backlog of items that I think are fun and interesting, so that's where I'll start.

Ok, for the first one, I'm going to talk a little about Mastodon:


I learned that it's pretty easy to get started on Mastodon, but fitting into the new culture is interesting and can be challenging at times. There are plenty of great posts and even some guides on how play nice for all of us "birdsite" people.

  • Don't show up and just start treating it like Twitter or Facebook or Instagram.
  • Make an #introduction post.
  • Use #CamelCase #HashTags liberally. It's how people find things.
  • Read the Quick Start Guide and this
  • Remember many were there long before you decided to show up, so be nice (and patient).

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