Things I Learned #9: More about Finder

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This is another one that I should have learned a long time ago, but instead I learned about it today after Benji York on Mastodon read TIL #8 about using the Open command in the Mac terminal.

A post on Mastodon from Benji York.
A post on Mastodon from

Unlike Windows Explorer, Finder doesn't offer an obvious way to paste in a path to easily change folders. Instead, there's a Go menu with several options for opening special folders like Desktop, Home, etc.


I learned there's an option for "Go to folder..." that brings up a pretty terrible dialog box to paste in a path.

The Finder Go menu.

This dialog can be accessed using Cmd-Shift-G.

The Go To Folder dialog in Finder.
The Finder Go To Folder dialog

As I said in my previous post, I've never used Finder much, but things like this make it a little more likely that I will use it more.

Thanks, Benji!