Things I Learned #15: Zsh_stats

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Here's another quick one.

Update (12/6/2022 @ 14:45 EST): Sometimes the lines get blurred between zsh and oh-my-zsh, and this post reflects that. As it turns out, zsh_stats is an oh-my-zsh extension!

A post on Mastodon from Mark that says @mjeaton FYI zsh_stats is an #oh-my-zsh specific tool. It is not part of #zsh.
A post on Mastodon from

Ever wondered about how often you use certain commands in zsh? Turns out, they have something for that. Of course, there's really not much you can do with this data, so this is one of those commands that won't get much usage, but it's still kinda cool.


I learned about zsh_stats. Here's the output from running

on my Mac.

The resuults of zsh_stats on my mac.

And these are the results from Ubuntu running in WSL in my Windows VM I use for client work. The resuults of zsh_stats on my mac.