Stir Trek 2024: My Leadership Journey

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Back on May 2, I had the privilege of speaking at a great conference called Stir Trek in Columbus, OH. This was my second time speaking at the event with my first being 15 years ago at the very first one back in 2009!

The event has grown and become one of the premiere events in the midwest. While I don’t have the exact number for this year, I’m pretty sure they were around 1500 attendees! It’s held in a movie theater which is kinda cool, and they always show a movie after the event. This year’s movie was the always terrible, “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.” I did not stay to watch it.

In the 60-minute session, I go over my journey with all its twists and turns; the good parts and the bad parts. The talk has gone through many iterations since I first started doing it back in 2017 and I have to agree with my wife who says it’s the best version of the talk I’ve given.


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