A long weekend of…

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I have a four-day weekend that starts tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the break even though I haven’t exactly been busy at work. It’ll still be nice to get away and not have to worry about any of it though.


My plan is to finish a book I’m reading with a friend at work, To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink. It’s a great book, much better than the last one we read, Crucial Conversations. It’s not that I hated Crucial Conversations, I just struggle with the idea that words or conversations can be violent. I think the content of the book was decent, I just wish the authors would have chosen a slightly different approach.

Our first discussion on the “To Sell” was today and it covered the first couple of chapters. Next Friday, we’ll tackle chapters 3 though 6. The book has 9 chapters in total, but with the long weekend, I don’t think I’ll have a problem finishing it. I’ve always enjoyed Pink’s writing, and have a copy of Drive within reach at my desk because it’s such a great book.

This is one of those books I wish I would have found and read sooner, especially since it came out while I was still an independent consultant and a book on sales may have helped the following year when I hit a big slump and made the decision to work for The Man again.


I have some studying to do for my upcoming AZ-104 exam as well. Since my wife will be gone Saturday and Sunday, I plan to spend time learning from John Savill’s great YouTube videos. I’ll supplement that with some MS Learn content.


A big part of the next four days will be to attempt to build a buffer of content for this blog. I’d like to get a week ahead so I’m not trying to figuring it out each day.

Getting off my ass

I also committed to a challenge this month; my wife and I both picked a number of miles we each want to walk during the month of July. I’m walking more miles than she is AND I’m trying to do it all while wearing a 20lb weighted vest. I have some catching up to do because I was down with a severe allergy attack yesterday and missed a day. I’ll make it up this weekend!

I do plan on relaxing this weekend, too. I envision a movie or two, and lots of music!

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