Welcome to my little corner of the web.

I am a software developer with almost 30 years of professional experience, mostly in the Microsoft ecosystem. I was a tech conference speaker for many years which led to the Microsoft MVP award from 2009-2015. After a long break that started in 2019, I am starting to speak at conferences and user groups again. I am an avid reader, music lover, and drinker of good bourbon.

I am currently working as a Principal Consultant helping clients build great software.


This is my place to explore topics that interest me such as leadership, the state of our profession, and books. This is also where I’ll write in-depth technical posts.

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Interesting Links

A weekly series that highlights interesting articles I’ve run into over the course of a week. Categories include software development, technology, leadership, agile, social media, and more.

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Things I Learned

This is a series focused on things I’ve learned. Some are new and some are old. Some are simple and some are complex. Most will be technical in nature, but since my interests are wide, I may include some things on history or science or music.

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