2023 Speaking Engagements

Event City Date Sessions
CincyDeliver Mason, OH July 28 Leadership Journey: From Individual Contributor to Leader
Beer City Code Grand Rapids, MI August 4-5 Leadership Journey: From Individual Contributor to Leader
5 Skills You Must Master (to excel as a developer)
Indy.Code() Indianapolis, IN August 10-11 Leadership Journey: From Individual Contributor to Leader
dev up St. Charles, MO August 28-30 Leadership Journey: From Individual Contributor to Leader
Let’s talk interviewing: How to stand out and get that offer!


Title Details
Leadership Journey: From Individual Contributor to Leadership You’ve spent years working on your technical skills and can write code with the best of them. Then, one day, a leadership position opens up on your team, and you start thinking about it. Should I or shouldn’t I? What if I hate it? What if I love it? What if I’m not that good at it? In this interactive session, we’ll explore “why leadership,” answer some hard questions, and talk about one developer’s path from individual contributor to leader.
5 Skills You Must Have to Excel as a Developer A fine line exists between being a good developer and being a fantastic developer. It’s not your ability to code the most clever solution using Go or your ability to write reflection code in C# with your eyes closed. If you think this talk will be about those pesky “soft skills,” you’re right! In this informative session, you’ll learn five critical skills to help you excel as a developer.
Let’s talk interviewing: How to stand out and get that offer! Interviewing is hard. Being across the table from one or more interviewers or standing in front of a whiteboard with a marker that barely works in clothes you probably only wear at interviews, trying to figure out how to answer the obscure question you were just asked while everyone is staring at you can be stressful and scary. This session will give you proven strategies and tactics to help put you at ease, but also make you stand out so you nail the interview and get the offer!
10 ways to be a better (technical) interviewer Whether you work for a large company or a small one, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to help interview candidates. Companies rarely provide any training for interviewers, so most of us end up winging it, conducting vastly different interviews each time. This makes it difficult to compare candidates in a fair way. If you’re not careful, you could ask illegal questions, putting your company at risk! Come to this session and learn ten things that will help make you a better interviewer!
Build awesome console applications in .NET using Spectre.Console In the world of application development, the quest for great-looking applications with top-notch user experience remains an ongoing endeavor. Enter Spectre.Console, a .NET library that has changed how terminal-based applications are built. You are no longer constrained by simple (or non-existent) user experiences in our terminal-based application. In this session, we go on a journey, exploring the capabilities of Spectre.Console and how it gives you the power to create truly exceptional applications with unrivaled elegance.