Things I Learned #16: Writing is hard

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When I first decided to start writing this series, I thought for sure I could come up with topics five days a week. I purposely decided to skip weekends to give me time to queue posts up for the next week. I've written 15 posts and have received some great feedback from people.

Unfortunately, the last couple weekends have made it difficult to write, so I've found myself with my laptop on the couch after work each night, typing away while my wife watches the latest Hallmark Christmas movie. Working under pressure is tough, especially after working all day.


I learned that it's actually really difficult to publish something five days a week. I want these posts to be useful, and I feel like the last few have been less than awesome, so I've decided to continue, but at a slower cadence.

I'm using Trello to manage this blog and have a pretty decent backlog of items for the blog in general, but fewer that would fit into this series. With the extra time my plan is to really build that backlog.

Once I have that backlog, I want to spend more time writing higher quality posts - that whole quality over quantity thing. I'm thinking of that maybe two or three posts a week is doable, but we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, thanks for reading and for the encouragement some of you have given over the last three weeks since I started this series.